PUBG temporary ban stays as PTA still indecisive

The fate of the online game PUBG Mobile hangs in the balance as the Pakistan Telecommunication failed on Thursday to come up with a final decision on its ban.

Photo: PUBG

A temporary ban was imposed on PUBG Mobile game on July 1. PTA said that they got such a significant number of complaints against PUBG (M) that the game is wastage of time, addictive and poses a negative impact on the physical and psychological health of kids.”

PTA held a meeting with people who have challenged the ban in high courts, PUBG counsellors, and civil society members. It, however, decided that it needs more time to make a decision on extending the ban or removing it.

It has asked people who want the ban removed to send emails on their reservations by July 10. Individuals who need to impart their insight on the issue with the PTA have been encouraged to provide feedback on

The decision will be made in a few days, confirmed the authority’s chairperson.

Petitions were documented against the ban in the Sindh High Court and the Islamabad High Court. On 6th July the Islamabad High Court sent the petition against the suspension of online game PUBG Mobile to the PTA.

PUBG Mobile which has been developed by a South Korean company is a 2017 survival game in which players are dropped onto an island to battle it out against others.

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