Save $60 On The eero Mesh WiFi System & Get A Free Echo Dot

Amazon is discounting the eero Mesh WiFi System today, bringing the price down to just $189. That's $60 off of its regular price, and Amazon is tossing in an Echo Dot to sweeten the deal even more. Making this a really great deal for those that need to improve their WiFi.
This is for the three-pack of eero, which would normally cost you $249.
eero is a Mesh WiFi System, which is going to work well in homes that have thicker walls, as well as those with lots of devices connected to the internet. Mesh works better than a signal repeater, since it's not repeating the signal, just expanding the network. So you get better signal strength as well as faster internet speeds. Both of which are important.
It is also able to intelligently switch devices from the 2.4GHz to the 5GHz network. Something like a doorbell doesn't need to be on the 5GHz network, and it wold work better on 2.4GHz, since it needs that coverage. While your laptop will be better on 5GHz due to the faster speed. eero is able to move things around to the right network, and keep the bandwidth free, so you never really need to worry about the speeds slowing down at all.
eero is owned by Amazon, so it's not a big surprise that it is compatible with Amazon Alexa. With Alexa, you can use your voice to pause your WiFi, read off the password for the network and much more. Being able to pause the WiFi is pretty nice, for when you want to get your kids attention. Nothing gets their attention faster than when there's no more internet. It's sad but true.
You can pick up the eero Mesh WiFi System (three-pack) from Amazon along with the free Echo Dot by clicking here. 
eero & Echo Dot - Amazon - $189

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